Service Information

TourTalk is a “Live Interpretation and travel concierge platform” travel app operated by TourTalk Inc., which provides warm and friendly live interpretations and service concierges. From before departure up until after your journey, we will provide you with assistance for travel related questions including, food, accommodation, transportation, sight-seeing, shopping and other assistance.

Travel Concierge Service

Two months before your date of departure and one month after your date of departure, travelers can chat in the form of text with a travel concierge to receive non-immediate but an in-depth consultation service, such as itinerary suggestions, restaurant bookings, lost property searches and so on. Our travel concierges are always there at your service.

Live Audio/video Interpretation

Depending on the number of days purchased, travelers can obtain immediate tourism-related interpreting services in the form of audio-video communication from the day of departure. For example, conversations with the clerk, manager or staff in a store, viewing the menu at restaurants, and even dialogues carried out while reporting a lost item or visiting a doctor’s appointment. TourTalk is just like a helpful friend at your side.


5 Days Pass

Live Interpretation and Travel Concierge

NT 588

Travel Concierge Service
Live Interpreter during 5 Days

7 Days Pass

Live Interpretation and Travel Concierge

NT 688

Travel Concierge Service
Live Interpreter during 7 Days

10 Days Pass

Live Interpretation and Travel Concierge

NT 888

Travel Concierge Service
Live Interpreter during 10 Days

If the package details and price of TourTalk are subject to change, please refer to the information inside most updated TourTalk App.

For most updated information of CHT 4G Prepaid Card, please refer to Taiwan FunPack official website.

Service Details:


Service Hours: 9:00 – 18:00 TPE Time, 7 days a week
Services: Travel assistance and advice
Service Period:
1. Interpretation: service is effective from your departure date to the conclusion of your package.
2. Concierge: service is effective from the date you activate your package to 30 days after your departure date.
Concierge service must be activated within two months prior of your travel date. If you are not planning on traveling within two months, please activate it later.

Service Restrictions

1. Trial users do not get access to the following services: travel planning, restaurant & hotel booking. To access these services, you must purchase the travel concierge package.
2. Concierge services does not provide services for professional certification, non-travel related issues, illegal acts, erotic sites, or other related things.
3. To safeguard the rights of all users, TourTalk has the right to reject unconventional users (such as prolonged, unusually high frequency, non-travel-related advice)


1. Scan or search ‘TourTalk’ on appstores to download.
2. Register your TourTalk account.
3. Redeem your package by inputing the voucher code.
4. Input your departure date and destination.
5. You may chance your departure date and destination once if your itinerary is changed.