About Us

About the Team

TourTalk is a group of cross-border tourism services providers with enthusiasm and practical experience. We are committed to innovative services to eliminate the travel barriers for cross-country travelers.

Our goal is to have ‘warmest’ travel platform in the world

We believe that temperature of real people is of great value for travelers who pursuit exotic experience. It will not be replaced even in the future of AI era, people always are the protagonist of trips.

Our mission is “to build the bridge for travelers to feel this world”

The world is so great, our value of the existence is to make the travelers more receptive to the world and connect more people across the country with human feelings.

Our values are “POSE IT!” (Positive, Ownership, Sharing, Evolve, Integrity, Teamwork!)

We face the world with positive attitude, work mindfully, embrace changes, be honest,pursue teamwork, and use the same values to find partners in the future.

About TourTalk

TourTalk, Travel Concierge at Your Fingertips!

TourTalk is the first “Real-person travel concierge and interpretation service platform”, providing service from teams of Chinese-Japenese, Chinese-Korean, and Chinese-English travel concierges. Cross-country tourists can use TourTalk easily to get the information they want to know about the destination.TourTalk will provide detailed services in every possible way, anytime, anywhere, answering any questions, and show the best places which only the locals know about.